The ultimate point reached in a perfect sleep experience technology - Visco Gelcell! 

You will have a fresh and peaceful sleep with the gel technology specially developed as a result of lengthy R&D studies that aimed to find the best solution for an uninterrupted sleeping experience.

Visco Gelcell pillow is shaped according to your head, neck and shoulders for personalized support due to inside gel structure, providing a special sleep experience. 

Gelcell pillow, which can be used easily in the summer months due to the cool feeling of the gel, will provide a healthy and comfortable sleep for many years without losing its form thanks to the stretching feature of the gel.



Technical Detail

Visco GelCell pillow is designed for those who have sweating problems during sleep and need a cool environment for quality resting.

High Freshness with Cold Effect
High Freshness with Cold Effect

The gel layer in the pillow gives you a feeling of coolness with a refreshing touch, giving you a support above all the standards.


Personalized Memory for You:
Personalized Memory for You

The superior memory foam is shaped according to your head and sleeping position together with offering you effective comfort.

Breathing Pillowcase
Breathing Pillowcase

In addition to its breathing structure, the pillowcase, which is produced with the latest technology, is designed to increase the cooling capacity of the pillow. You can remove this pillowcase and wash it safely in the washing machine.




Fabric : %100 Pes
Filling :%100 Visco Pe


Only the outer fabric can be washed.