Classic Pillows

A good sleep doesn't just take all the tiredness of the day; it also prepares you for a new day. Your comfort, head and shoulder positions during a quality sleep prevent all the pain you will experience during the day.

The Classic Collection has been carefully prepared for you with traditional sleep materials that are fully compatible with human nature.


A non-toxic sleep in the ideal heat balance all night long.

A return to traditional methods for comfortable sleep.

Bamboo is the choice of those who care about their health.


Ideal heat, natural healing with nano technology.

Cutting-edge technology in comfort: Tencel.

A lightness above the clouds with its light and thin structure.

For a soft sleep experience...

Uninterrupted sleep pleasure with ideal heat balance.

Lightweight pillows and comforter sets for a sound sleep; Cohen.

Hygienic, natural and comfortable…

Softness from the past.

A sleep above the clouds.

Best choice for your baby.