With every breath you take in your sleep, it will breathe with you!

All the materials you touch and come into contact with while sleeping support the quality of your sleep. Now imagine an alive tissue that is in contact with oxygen and breathes. It will provide you fresh sleep bybreathing for you while making your own breathing easier.

While the air spaces in the Aircomfort pillow provide extra softness, they also help you to feel the air flow in its own comfortable loop.

Aircomfort, which also prevents breathing problems that are a result of sleeping in the wrong position, will prepare you for a fresh, new day.

Technical Detail

Visco Aircomfort pillow is specifically designed for those who experience intense neck pain and fatigue.

High Air Circulation
High Air Circulation

The pillow, in its special foam structure designed for Visco AirComfort, contains air spaces at certain intervals that will provide maximum comfort . Thus, compared to the use of a normal pillow, 5 times more air circulation is providedduring sleep, and the humidity and temperature ratio are perfectly balanced.

Compatibility with the Spine

Visco Aircomfort pillow is compatible with your cervical spine in all your sleeping positions thanks to its ergonomic features and orthopedic foam (sponge). In this way, your body will relax at the optimum level.

For All Sleeping Positions
For All Sleeping Positions

Visco Aircomfort pillow helps you to have a quality sleep in every position by adapting to whichever position is the most comfortable one for you. With its special structure and components, it shows perfect compatibility with your head shape.




Fabric : %100 Pes
Filling : %100 Visco Pe


Only the outer fabric can be washed.